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2016-10-06 12:54 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Muselist

The Picture of Dorian Gray » Dorian Gray
( theothermrgray )
Angels of Death » Zack (Isaac Foster)
( zackthekiller )

Currently in Murdergame.
Leon Kuwata » Danganronpa » Airlocked!
( toomanybaseballs )
➤ ( Black Butler ) Grell Sutcliffe
➤ ( Bungou Stray Dogs ) Osamu Dazai
➤ ( Dracula ) R.M. Renfield
➤ ( Danganronpa Another Episode) The Servant
➤ ( Entranceway AU ) Mirror!Wheatley
➤ ( Super Danganronpa 2 ) Kazuichi Soda

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2017-06-03 11:30 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Murdergame history

  • MAGICAL NAME: Reaper
  • AGE: Early 20s
  • GENDER: Male
  • HEIGHT: 6'0"
  • WEIGHT: 131 lbs
  • LIKES: 131 lbs
  • DISLIKES: 131 lbs
  • CANON: Angels of Death
  • CANON POINT: Chapter 1: Right before he first meets Eddie.
  • GAME: [community profile] mahouiku
  • DATE OF DEATH: Saturday, Week 6.
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Impaled to the wall with his own scythe.
  • MIACH: Strange suicidal friend from the dystopian future
  • ELIZA: Adopted sister #1
  • SYZAELAPORRO: Crazy asshole rival
  • RECETTE: Adopted sister #2
  • SERAPHINA: Demon lady with a heart (sort of)
  • ERUNA: Co-Founder of the Finding Home Club
  • - Somehow bonded with two young girls and a pokemon
  • - Nearly killed Chiaki and Seraphina after mistaking the former for Syzael. Later confessed to his involvement at the trial and ultimately revealed the true culprit through a dare.
  • - Came up with the idea to start a club/weekly meeting thing after talking to Eruna. Those became important for consolidating clues and communicating with the dead.
  • - Abducted a familiar looking doll from the dollhouse to use as a punching bag.
  • - Used another doll to attempt to communicate with Eliza's ghost.
  • - Ended up kissing Syzael under the influence of the Kiss Note. YUCK!
  • After being resurrected thanks to the efforts of the survivors, Zack gave up some junk he acquired from the gachas so he and Ray could go to Recette's world. He's currently taking care of Eliza's Deerling, Crown, and has managed to join the Adventurer's guild. Hey, he gets paid to kill things now, plus he has "family" that cares for him.
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2017-06-03 10:36 pm
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(no subject)

Not much to say about this one except some of the icons here contain eye trauma and HOLY S*** DANNY.

Please credit me if you use them!

Icon Preview

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2017-05-18 08:31 pm
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Kokichi Oma icons

So I may have picked up a Danganronpa muse with no icons. Whelp, might as well make them myself.

Please credit me if you use them!

Icon Preview

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2017-04-28 12:11 am
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Daniel Dickens icons (2)

... I got carried away during a canon review. Just in case anyone needs icons of this guy from the games. There are also a few from the official 4koma, Sasuten!

Please credit me if you use them!

Icon Preview

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2017-04-13 12:54 am
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Daniel Dickens icons

I don't normally make icons, but I thought it would be fun. Especially since a friend and I were looking at a manga that had a million good icon poses for a certain character. May as well share.

Please credit me if you use them!
Icon Preview:

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